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Saturdays for Families at the Pedagogical Farm

Target audience:
Children from 4 to 10 years old (accompanied by 1 adult) 

Period: From October 2022 to June 2023, on the 1st Saturday of each month, at 11am.

General goal of the project

  • Promote and encourage a passion for books and reading from an early age;
  • Engage children, the family and the community in general, through a creative approach to reading a themed story and exploring the respective theme with an inherent activity;
  • Partnership between the Library and another Municipal service, in this particular case, with the Pedagogical Farm, which also has a recreational-pedagogical aspect.

Specific goals of the project

  • Strengthen the Pedagogic Farm
  • Introduce children and young people to the world of stories, books and libraries
  • Stimulate in children and young people a passion for books
  • Using the book as a playful object
  • Bringing the Pedagogical Farm/Municipal Library closer to the children and their parents
  • Through the reading of a short story, address several important issues in the education of children;
  • Foster reading habits both in children and in adults accompany them;

Expected impact

The aim of this project is to bring children closer to books and the Municipal Library, encouraging reading habits and, naturally, also the Pedagogical Farm itself.

It is also intended that children, as well as parents and other relatives, feel like going to the library, inviting them to enter the magical world of books.     

Procedures and methodologies

The activities in question will take place, as the name of the project suggests, at the Pedagogical Farm/ Quinta Pedagógica. The selected stories will be about rural life, such as: animals, environmental education, agricultural activities, healthy food, and more.